Engineering Services:

PE&ITS (Pvt) Ltd has the know how and expertise concerning fertilizer sector in particular and Chemical/Petrochemical industry in general. PE&ITS (Pvt) Ltd also has expertise pertaining to technical manpower induction, management, training and all associated aspects. Project management along with targeted R&D activities remain a PE&ITS (Pvt) Ltd strong area. PE&ITS (Pvt) Ltd has the ability to speedily prepare plans and implement the same through specially created task forces in under mentioned areas:

 Services for operating Plants:


 Preparation of technical backup and monitoring plans for
operating plants.

Review of any type of personnel management policy or
organizational plans in respect of operating plants.

Assistance in, and/or, development of de-bottlenecking/BMR
 Specific Projects/Assignments:

 Undertaking specific low cost R&D projects to produce desired
results in a short time.

Providing project management assistance in any form desired by
the client.

Development of any type of personnel management policy or
organization related plans.